Five signs you might be a Dice Goblin...

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Do you find yourself constantly obsessing over dice? Do you have an insatiable desire to collect every type of dice known to mankind? If so, you might just be a Dice Goblin. But fear not, fellow goblin, for you are not alone in your dice-obsessed ways. In this post, we'll explore the tell-tale signs that indicate whether or not you are a true Dice Goblin.

1. Do You Hoard Dice Like a Dragon Hoards Treasure?

One of the most obvious signs of being a Dice Goblin is the overwhelming urge to hoard dice. Your collection of dice is not just limited to a few sets for different games. Oh no, you have dice in every shape, size, and colour imaginable. Your friends might think you're crazy, but you know that each dice has its own unique energy and brings you luck in different situations.

2. Do You Spend More Time Admiring Dice Than Actually Using Them?

As a Dice Goblin, you can spend hours just staring at your dice collection, marvelling at their beauty and craftsmanship. You appreciate the intricate designs, the vibrant colours, and the way they feel in your hands. You might even have a special display case or a dedicated shelf to showcase your prized possessions. Who needs artwork when you have dice?

3. Do You Get a Rush from Buying New Dice?

For a Dice Goblin, there is no greater joy than acquiring a new set of dice. The anticipation builds as you browse through online stores or visit your local game shop. The moment you hold that shiny new set in your hands, you can feel the excitement coursing through your veins. It's like Christmas morning, but better.

4. Do You Have a Favourite Lucky Dice?

Every Dice Goblin has that one special dice that they consider their lucky charm. It might be a beautifully crafted metal dice or a worn-out plastic one that has seen countless adventures. Regardless of its appearance, this dice holds a special place in your heart. You believe that it brings you good fortune and you never leave home without it.

5. Do You Dream About Dice?

When you close your eyes at night, do you see dice rolling in your dreams? Do you wake up in a cold sweat, wondering if you rolled a critical hit or a critical failure? If dice invade your dreams and occupy your thoughts even in your sleep, then there's no doubt about it – you are a true Dice Goblin.

Embrace Your Inner Dice Goblin!

So, if you can relate to any (or all) of the signs mentioned above, congratulations! You are officially a Dice Goblin. Embrace your love for dice and wear your title with pride. Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned dungeon master, being a Dice Goblin is a part of who you are. So go forth, roll those dice, and let your goblin spirit shine!

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