About Klarna


Klarna offers pay later services based on a number of factors such as the purchase amount and previous order history. If you are 18 or over, you can improve your chances of being offered Klarna by ensuring you provide your full name, phone number, address and arrange shipping to your registered billing address. If you have been accepted to use Klarna, it does not mean it will be offered for every order.

Borrowing more than you can afford could seriously affect your financial status. Make sure you can afford your monthly repayments and please spend responsibly.

How Does Klarna Work?

It’s never been easier to shop online! Klarna allows you to place your order today and pay for it over time, interest free. There are three options to pay with Klarna: pay instantly, Pay in 3 or Pay in 30 Days.

Simply shop and check out as normal. At checkout, you will have the opportunity to choose the Klarna payment method if your order is eligible. From here, you will be directed to the Klarna website to register and provide your payment details.

Who Is Klarna?

Klarna is an online payment provider founded in 2005, and is a popular payment method trusted by consumers worldwide. Klarna is now one of Europe’s largest banks and provides payment provision for over 200,000 online stores.

Pay in 3

This type of payment lets you spread the cost of your purchase over three equal payments. Klarna will take the payments from your debit or credit card directly, so you don’t have to worry about missing a payment. Your first payment will come out when you make the purchase, the second will be 30 days later, and the final payment will be taken 60 days from your purchase date.

Pay Later

This type of payment is a credit product which lets you pay any time within 30 days of your purchase without interest or fees. Your upfront fee when you place the order will be £0, which gives you great flexibility with your payment options.

You can make this payment using a credit or debit card on the Klarna app or by logging into www.klarna.com/uk whenever you like, as long as it is within a 30 day period. Klarna will send you a confirmation email once your order is confirmed with full details. On the Klarna app, you can see both past and future payments.

Buy Now, Pay Now

The final payment option from Klarna is to pay straight away once you order your items.

What Do I Need to Provide When I Make a Purchase?

You’ll be required to share your phone number, email, current billing address and your credit or debit card details. If Klarna need to speak to you, they will use your phone number you’ve shared. For any other information Klarna need to share with you, they’ll send this to your email address.

Can You Have Multiple Pay Later or Pay in 3 Instalments at Once?

You can have multiple Pay in 3 or Pay Later purchases on the go at any one time. Every time you use Klarna, they will check to see whether you are eligible to use it again for each additional purchase. If you would like to pay an instalment or the full order amount before the due date, you can easily do this via the Klarna app, or log onto your account on www.klarna.com/uk.

What if I Can’t Pay an Instalment?

If Klarna is unable to collect your payment on the scheduled due date, Klarna will make a further attempt to collect payment seven days later. If this fails, Klarna will make a final attempt to take payment seven days later and may continue to attempt to collect overdue payments on subsequent due dates, or invoice you separately for the unpaid total.

As Pay Later is a credit product, if you don’t pay for your order, Klarna may use a debt collection agency and may report the missed payment to credit reference agencies. This means you may find it more difficult to get credit in the future. You can read more about this in Klarna's full T&Cs.

When Will My Items be Delivered if I Use Klarna?

Klarna orders are delivered within our standard delivery timeframes like any other order.

Is There a Limit to How Much I Can Spend on a Single Klarna Transaction?

Your order value including shipping must be between £35 to £1000 to use Klarna.

Is My Payment Information Safe?

Payment information is processed securely by Klarna, and no card details are transferred to or held by Mint & Mustard. When you use Pay in 3 or pay Later, Klarna will perform a credit search to decide whether to approve your purchase.

How Do I Return or Exchange an Item Purchased with Klarna?

As soon as Mint & Mustard has confirmed with Klarna that your return or exchange has been accepted, they will cancel any future scheduled payments and refund any amounts due. As soon as we have registered your return, the refund will normally be processed within five business days and an updated statement with an adjusted payment schedule will be sent to you by Klarna.


You can log into the Klarna app or at www.klarna.com/uk, where you will find all of your orders and payment schedule information.

Klarna’s Pay in 3 and Pay in 30 days credit agreements are not regulated by the FCA. Use of these and any missed payments may affect your ability to obtain credit from Klarna and other lenders. 18+, UK residents only, subject to status. T&Cs apply.

To contact Klarna, visit their customer service page to get in touch and find out more information.