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New - Mighty Nein Dice Palettes

Carly Sargeant

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Introducing the brand new dice palettes, inspired by the characters from Critical Role's Mighty Nein! These palettes are available exclusively in the new Mint & Mustard store!

Fjord Dice Palette

The Fjord colour palette features hues of blue and green to represent Fjord's half-orc and sailor connections. One of the dice used in each palette also glows in the dark, to represent Fjord's dark vision!

Fjord Dice Set

Jester Dice Palette

The Jester colour palette features hues of pink and purple to represent Jester's colourful personality and appearance. This palette is also heavy on the glitter!

Jester Dice Set

Beau Dice Palette

The Beauregard colour palette features hues of blue and gold to represent Beau's monk background and Cobalt Soul connections.

Baur Dice Set

Molly Dice Palette

The Mollymauk colour palette features hues of green and purple to represent Molly's colourful personality and peacock tattoo. 

Molly Dice Set

Yasha Dice PaletteThe Yasha colour palette features hues of white, grey and black to represent Yasha's monochromatic appearance and mysterious past. One dice in each set has a trace of blue when the light hits it to mimic the subtle blue highlights in her outfit.

Yasha Dice Set

Caleb Dice PaletteThe Caleb colour palette features hues of red, orange and brown to represent Caleb's disheveled appearance and relationship with fire. 

Caleb Dice Set

Nott Dice palette

The Nott colour palette features hues of green and gold to represent Nott's goblin skin and her love for shiny things. There are also shared connections with the Caleb palette, such as the antique style dice, to symbolise the relationship between Caleb and Nott.

Nott Dice Set

Each set contains one of each of the following dice: d20, d12, d10, d8, d6, d4 and d% and comes in it's own organza dice bag, making them a wonderful gift for any dice addict in your life or a treat for yourself!

We only have 7 sets available for each palette and once they're gone, they may not come back in stock!

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