Introducing Natural 19's

Posted by Carly Sargeant on

Natural 19's... sure they're not a critical but they can still be pretty great, right? Well not every dice set made is a Natural 20, but we believe they still deserve a loving home! Our Natural 19's include minor imperfections such as surface scratches or air bubbles that may or may not have been inked.⁠

All Natural 19's include a full set of 7 polyhedral dice, presented in a white organza bag rather than our usual silver. ⁠

While we cannot photograph and detail all imperfections for each set, we have included example photos on the website of the type of faults you can expect. Not all dice in the set will be Natural 19's, some might be Natural 20's!⁠

Natural 19's come with a deep discount of 40% off so grab yourself a bargain and show some imperfect dice a little TLC.⁠ All Natural 19's can be found in our Sale section.

Please note Natural 19's are non-returnable.⁠

P.S Alchemy Bismuth and Alchemy Shore are now discontinued so this is the last chance to grab these styles!⁠

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