Character Class Pencils

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We're excited to introduce the first of our new Character Class pencil sets! 

Each set contains 3 black pencils with silver embossing and an initiative tracker bookmark!

For the Barbarian that acts first and thinks rarely...

  • Kill first ask questions never
  • I would like to rage
  • Putting the tank in tankard

Barbarian Class Pencils

For the Bard who likes to cut people with their Vicious Mockery...

  • Bard to the bone
  • The easy way or the Bard way
  • Words can hurt

Bard Class Pencils

Every party has at least one rogue Rogue, am I right?

  • Rogues do it from behind
  • One Rogues leads to another
  • Sneak Attack, bitch

rogue class pencils

 Any good Monk knows the Ki to success is fists of fury...

  • I punch it till it dies
  • The Ki to success
  • Roll with the punches

monk class pencils

Finally for the begrudging healers and the under appreciated Clerics...

  • I keep the idiots alive
  • Don't piss off the healer
  • Livin on a prayer

cleric class pencils

View our full collection of D&D pencil sets here.

We're planning on adding more classes in the near future, so be sure to watch this space and remember to follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates!

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