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Potion of Healing Set

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Potion of Healing Set
Potion of Healing Set
Potion of Healing Set
Potion of Healing Set
Set of 5 healing potions, suitable for role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons.

Physical props are always fun when it comes to tabletop RPGs, and the useful ones are even better! These potions act as great reminders to players of what potions they have available to them, or simply pass them out as needed when they choose to take a potion!

Each set comes contains 5 healing potions including 3x Potion of Healing (2 d4 each) and 2x Greater Potion of Healing (4 d4 each). Each potion comes in it's own plastic vial with cork topper.

Designed for quickly jotting down initiative order on the list side, the other side features a colourful dice design and doubles as a bookmark!

Black fine tip wet erase pen suitable for using with the bookmark.

* Loose dice shown as decoration only.

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