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Stationery Advice

When should we order our wedding stationery? 

What should we include on our enclosure cards?

How should we assemble our Wedding Invitations?


When should we order our wedding stationery? 


In a perfect world, if you can, please place your order at least 6 weeks before the first send out, to make sure everything is absolutely perfect without you feeling rushed. There's nothing worse than rushing to proofread your stationery to meet an urgent deadline and finding a mistake on the finished prints!


If you have a more urgent time scale, please email us at before ordering so we can consult our calendar and see if we can fit your rush order in, we will always do our best to do so!


To establish a deadline for ordering, you will need to work backwards from your wedding date. The first items you will send out are save the date cards, if you are not using these then the invitations will be first.


  • Save the date cards - these should be sent out around 6 months prior to the date (9 months for destination weddings)


  • If you are not sending save the dates, it is advisable to send invitations out 2- 4 months before the date (2 months is fine if save the dates have been sent)


Please add at least 6 weeks production time to this and you will have your order date!



What should we include on our enclosure cards?


Details of the reception - When the ceremony and reception are held at different locations, it can be helpful to include a reception card with the address and any further details


Alternative location - If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony you may have an indoor backup in the event of rain, you can include details of the alternative location on an enclosure card


Attire - If your wedding is outside or particularly formal or casual, it is helpful to advise guests on the most suitable attire for the day


Directions and Transportation - Directions can be helpful for out of town guests or if your venue is particularly tricky to find. If you are providing transportation between venues or at the end of the night, you can also advise guests of the details in advance


Accommodation - Useful for out of town guests or remote venues, you can use enclosure cards to provide information on local accommodation, or let guests know if the venue offers rooms or camping


Itinerary / Additional events - If you’re wedding is running over a weekend you can include an itinerary listing the events around the wedding


Website details - If you have a wedding website, you can add the address to an enclosure card


Extra details i.e unplugged ceremony, Instagram hashtag and so on 



How should we assemble our Wedding Invitations?


There are plenty of articles online detailing the etiquette of assembling wedding invitations. At mint&mustard we believe there is no right or wrong way for any aspect of your wedding, because it is YOUR wedding! And let’s face it, your guests will not be offended if your invitations are in the ‘wrong’ order.


Our main concern with invitation assembly is that your invitations are presented to your guests in the most appealing way possible!


We have created this guide based on what we consider to be the most visually appealing, not necessarily the most traditional.


  • When assembling invitation work in size order, with the smallest (usually the RSVP card) on top.


  • When the enclosure card is the same size as the invitation, put this behind the invitation, so as not to completely hide the invitation, which is the most important piece!


  • If using an envelope with your response card, the response card is slotted under the flap of the envelope to keep them together.




  • Ensure all items have the same orientation as the invitation, generally portrait, so turn smaller landscape cards 90 degrees counterclockwise


  • All items should be inserted into the envelope facing up, with the left hand edge inserted first.