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Price Guide

At mint&mustard we passionately believe that everyone should be able to afford the wedding stationery of their dreams, no matter their budget. This belief drove us to design our range of products in a way that is 100% customisable, which means you are in complete control of what you spend your budget on!


We price all our print products on a sliding scale, so when you order large quantities, we pass the savings on to you! With this in mind we offer a personalised quote service based solely on your specific requirements. 


We have a minimum order of 25 pieces of any one design and quantities are available in increments of 5. It is always best to order a few extras in case someone was forgotten or last minute changes to the guest list are made. 


Below is a price guide for a small selection of our most popular products so you can get an idea of our prices. You can get a completely personalised quote here.


Price List


Whatever your budget we will find a way to stretch it without sacrificing the design! If you would like to discuss how we can help your budget go the extra mile, please email us at and we will be happy to draw up some options for you.


Tips to stretch your budget:

Want to include an Enclosure card for accommodation and directions as well as menu options with your invitations? Why not print the menu on the back of your enclosure card?


You could forgo return envelopes for response cards by using our Postcard response cards.


Leaving place cards blank rather than personalised with each name.


Don't forget not everyone on your guestlist needs their own invitation, just one per household!